Switching from android to an iOS|You should know

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Today I am going to show you, What you miss when you are switching from android to an ios.I hope you will like my Article.

The era has changed, people have started to switch to new technology and stuff. They like to remain updated about every new launch hitting the market. Though we are habitual of our budget-friendly Androids with whom we have passed our several and initial days of phones, yet we would love to get an Apple iOS whenever we’ll be getting a chance to switch.

Android in every manner is like your easy peasy home. You can handle it without any chaos when compared to an iPhone. Despite that, yet people seem crazier about these standard looking Apple phones, ready to give up everything to get these high budget smartphones in return. Though smartphone would be a cheaper term for an iOS, yet there are a few things you are going to miss, once you switch to an iPhone.

Switching from Android to ios
Switching from Android to ios

Things you miss once you switch:

A.   You can’t clear all your notifications in a go:

Just like in an Android, where you can swipe away all your junkies with a single cross, the iPhone lacks this feature. For some unstated reason, it hasn’t any option to clear everything running over the device at once. You have to do it one by one. This means, if you have been using 30 apps, for example, at a time, then you will have to swipe them away one by one, and it will require 30 swipes. Ps, handling the iPhone notifications is far more different and cumbersome when compared to Android devices. You will need a few practices before getting used to it.

B.   No Customisation thing when you are switching from android to an ios

Forget all those HomeScreen launchers, you can’t even change the App icon’s place wherever you want. They always remain aligned to a grid. They have to! Though it doesn’t matter that much, yet it will bother you in case you have been using Android for long.

·        You can’t set any of the MP3 files as your ringtones. There are strict rules and regulations for it. You have to purchase one. In case you are having an iTunes application, you can choose a ringtone very easily. Though it is not as simple as an Android and you are going to miss that feature, yet it is a new trade and yes, welcome to an iPhone world.

Switching from Android to ios
Switching from Android to ios

·        You can’t even customize your lock screen along with the clock size, their placement position, neither you can’t disable anything. You have to get used to that Big Clock appearing over your screen, just develop a taste for it.

·        The big difference between an apple and an Android is that you have limited in-app customization options. You can’t find that many options on your customization options on an app setting menu. Instead, you have to go to the settings application to see the available apps for customization.

C.   No “Side Loading”/ Off-market applications

Though there are numerous off-market apps you might have enjoyed in your Android devices that have been downloaded from trustworthy sources. For example, while watching a YouTube video, you come across several unwanted apps. Off-market applications must have blocked those advertisements to let you enjoy your ad. free clippings. You don’t have any such option in the iPhone because some of them don’t use that advertisement feature. That means you can enjoy your ad-free movies while watching on an iOS device.

D.   No Dual Apps!

Though the provision of a dual SIM feature became available in an iPhone, thanks to the e-sim option, yet you can’t run or support dual apps feature. Though you might be having two SIM cards of professional and personal contacts, yet you can’t run two WhatsApp individually for each number. You have to choose a single number for your WhatsApp. Neither you can use a Telegram or Instagram or any other instance of these social apps. You certainly are going to miss this feature once you switch to the iPhone.

 Dual SIM feature is the only thing available and uses it for calling purposes only, thank you!

E.   No Call Recording Option When you are switching from android to ios.

Though it might be a privacy concern, yes, the call recording feature is not available in any of these Apple devices. Though you attend meetings or lectures through any phone call, yet you can’t take any notes back with you. This will be a big surprise when you move to an Apple device from normal Android.

Always remember, though a bunch of applications claims to add this feature onto your iPhone, yet never trust them because Apple never allows having this activity running over the devices. Never come under these boastful tactics as they are just bogus and aren’t going to work.

Switching from Android to ios
Switching from Android to ios

F.    No Google Drive integration, nor any Google Ecosystem.

Since the iPhone uses iCloud for backing up the data, there is no need to have Google backups like the one you used to have in your Android. Though you can still use these Google apps and Google Photos for backing up, when you move to the iPhone from Android, you can’t use Google Drive to store the previous app data. Moreover, iCloud offers you a storage of only 5GB, including pictures as well as data. Neither, it supports any “Always On screen feature” as a screen option. Neither notification LED blinks.

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A Few Considerations to Make Before Switching from android to an iOS

switching from android to ios
switching from android to ios

The option of switching from an Android to an iPhone seems a little daunting because you are going to switch your entire operating system. But maybe, this switch is going to be the easiest part. Back around in 2015, Apple introduced an Android app named Move to iOS, that intends the Android users to help them seamlessly swap to an Apple device without losing any of their important data including contacts, photographs, calendars along other important stuff. Though the app acts as a key part of making the switch yet there are a few other considerations along the way before you get started with your new iOS.

·        Backup and restore all your data. On your Android, look for backup and resets under Cloud and Accounts. Check for the email backup accounts and ensure “Back up my data” is turned on.

·        Download the Google Photos app. It is a small precautionary measure to make for your photographs and videos. Since it works in both of the devices, therefore after signing in, you will get all of your backed up photographs.

·        Plug both of your devices into a power source and process the setup for “Apps and Data”.

·        On your Android, download Apple’s move to iOS. It helps to transfer much of your Android data into the iOS device

·         Download all your favourite apps on your iPhone. Log in to your account using the same id and password you have used onto your Android.

Read more information Visit here.


Several civil conversations have started to pop up on the Reddit thread, debating over the use and standards of an iPhone and Android.  Thethreadnamed iPhone users who have used Android before, the features you miss, and the features you love and did you regret switching to an iOS?.  It has become an experience-sharing platform of numerous iPhone users, who have used Android devices once. After all learning from the experiences of these people, you can decide about either switching to the new iPhone device or remain accustomed to normal Android ones.

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