How to connect Jio phone to Laptop?

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Hello guys! Today we will see how to connect your jio phone ‘s internet with your laptop.

I know many of you visiting this article have tried all sort of tricks and ways to connect your phone with your laptop and you failed . then this article is the solution to your problem .

here, we will see how to connect or share jio phone internet and transfer of files with laptop. Let me guarantee you that this trick will 100 percent work for all jio models. This is the safest thing you can do .

So don’t be stressed its very easy you have to follow some very easy steps.

In today scenario it is very necessary for you to keep up to date with technology and learn new things. And in this article I will teach you about technology.

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 connect Jio phone
connect Jio phone

As today technology has created amazing tools and resources , putting useful information .we are watching that technology has revolutionized our world and daily lives. So learn technology today and make your tomorrow better with us. With all of these revolutions technology has also made our lives easier ,faster , better and more fun.

So everybody is having jio phones with you. And access of internet (4G) But there are certain limitations on a mobile phone. As, screen size makes watching films less than ideal and downloading several large files at once is tricky. Moreover, watching and accessing multimedia files can drain your phone batteries quickly.

You can avoid it by connecting your jio phone’s internet with a laptop or desktop computer.So let’s began with this, I will tell you some basic steps.

Step1: first you need a USB cable.

Step 2: connect it to your laptop

Step 3: go to the settings

Step3: in settings > go to your storage tab then you will find USB storage

Step4: toggle the enabled button

So , here it is clear how you could do this so far. But after connecting you can do many more things like:
You can share music and mp3 songs ,video songs etc. and internet too.

1.For internet.

Connect Jio Phone to laptop
Connect Jio Phone to laptop

1. Connect laptop to internet with jio mobile phone hotspot

To connect, your laptop to the web using your jio phone’s hotspot;;

Jio phone allows us to share internet to laptop and pc using wi-fi hotspot feature. First you need to update . KAI OS on your jio phone to activate hotspot feature. Then you need wi-fi dongle if your computer/laptop doesn’t have built in wifi option

Step 1: go to the settings > More options
Some phone have personal hotspot option in the main settings .

Step 2: toggle the button to switch the hotspot ON.

Step3: Below this ,the username and password of hotspot are displayed.

Step4: switch on your laptop’s wifi, connect to the same network , and enter the password.

2. connect laptop to internet with jio mobile phone using USB tethering

Jio phone connect to laptop
Jio phone connect to laptop

if you don’t connect your laptop to your mobile phone using a hotspot , you may also do so using USB tethering . this is a comparatively less popular option as it requires that you have a USB cable to connect the laptop with jio phone.

so let’s began with some easy steps,

Step1: connect the USB cable with your laptop firstly then,

Step2: Go to the settings option

Step3: other wireless connections

Step3: toggle the USB tethering ON

Step4: make your data connection also on
So now you can use the internet in your laptop by connecting it through jio phone

For more information about USB tethering click here .

2.For transfer of files

So lets began with this . using this feature you can transfer anything like music mp3 , your photos or any file you want.

Step 1: first you have to connect your jio phone with laptop through USB which I was tell you in earlier steps .

Step2: after connecting. Open computer/laptop you will find your jio file in removable disk.

Step3: open removable disk there is a internal storage option

Step4: then,open it and make a new folder
Like firstly you want to copy some images .and then rename your new folder as images .

Step5: then copy some images from your computer desktop and then

Step6: go to your new folder which you rename as images

Step 7: and paste it here all the images which you had copied.
Secondly, if you want to copy some mp3 songs then make new folder and rename it as mp3 songs

8: then copy some mp3 songs from your computer desktop and then

9: go to your new folder which you rename as mp3 songs

10: and paste it here all the images which you had copied.

In this way , by making any new folder rename it you can copy anything like video songs , images or your any important files which you want you want in your phone.

So !! guys this is very easy steps . hope so you catch it .
And this makes your work very easy.


You will find it useful. And this will help you in clearing your doubts .
So in this article I cleared you how to connect your jio phone with laptop/computer and then use it later for internet and transfer of files.(mp3 songs , video songs , images)
Thank you !

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