How to enable USB debugging on Android

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When the Android cell phone’s screen turns black due to some unknown reasons, there are still various methods to explore through your Android phone. In some cases, you can figure out to debug the Android phone by connecting it to PC via a USB link. As a result, many people will ask how to enable USB debugging on Android with a black screen? This article will let you know everything about enabling debugging on Android with a black screen, the reasons and solutions for it.

Reasons for Black Screen on Android Mobile

There are many reasons for the black screen on Android phones. The most widely recognized reason is the issue with hardware or software issues due to the installation of apps that are highly incompatible with a lot of viruses and bugs. Battery overcharging or older battery is another reason for black reasons.

USB Debugging?

USB Debugging is a developer option that can be used to set up links between the Android phones and the PC.

Instructions to Enable USB Debugging on Android with Black Screen:

At the point when the Android phone screen turns black due to any unknown reasons, there’s just a single method to initiate the USB Debugging and that is only through PC. In the event that the screen is as yet responsive, you are fortunate but even after tapping on the screen, there is no response you can still enable USB Debugging. By these methods, you will be able to retrieve back the data and also save the data on your PC for future use.

enable USB debugging on Android
enable USB debugging on Android

·       Windows 10 with Connect Feature

The vast majority of us have PCs with operating windows, Windows 10. This has a feature to connect to Android phones through Wifi or Bluetooth. Similarly, if your Android phone has features of Screen Mirroring or Cast include, you don’t have to interface your phone by means of USB.

There is a procedure for Enable USB Debugging on Android with Black Screen. Regardless of whether you interface your phone to your PC through USB, that doesn’t mean you would now be able to set up a link with your phone as the screen is black, the best way to realize it is through screen capture.

Access storage of Android phone through PC and click on the screenshot folder. When you take a screen capture, it’ll be consequently in the Screenshot folder which can be seen in your PC. With this method, you can without much of a stretch explore through and initiate Screen Cast/Screen Mirroring. After activating this you would now be able to explore through by simply tap on the Android screen

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·       Enable USB Debugging on Android phone with a black/ broken screen without Touching the Screen

enable USB debugging on Android
enable USB debugging on Android

The issue could be increasingly severe if the screen of your Android phone is not responsive. This implies you have to utilize a mouse to explore through your cell phone which is not an easy process. You require a USB OTG, a mouse, and a splitter. Also, check through the COMMS section to see the connectivity of PC with OTG and mouse. So you connect your mouse to your Android phone and connect that to the computer. You may need to follow through with screen captures since it’s the best way to explore and enable debugging on an Android phone with black/ broken screen. Follow the steps as below mentioned:

1. Interface the Cables to Your Android phone: Utilize the OTG connector to interface the links and cables to your Android phone. Likewise, ensure that your Android phone supports OTG connection.

2. Take a screenshot and mirror the screen: when the phone screen is black or broken still you can perform debugging by taking a screenshot and working through it.

3. Use the mouse to enable debugging: Go through settings and tap on options bar to use mouse for debugging.

4. Android phone as external memory: PC perceives Android phone as an external memory every time you connect it

5. Recovering files through the computer:  Computer / PC will be able to retrieve back the data of the Android phone and will also save for future use.

·       Enable USB Debugging via a computer directly

It is a risky method but can support you in enabling USB Debugging on an Android phone with a black/broken screen and is done through the command prompt interface. A tool SDK is present in the Android phones to troubleshoot a few shortcomings on the gadget while ADB also known as Android Debug Bridge, an application tool that permits you to associate an Android phone with your PC to enable USB Debugging.

enable USB debugging on Android
enable USB debugging on Android

1.     Download the ADB application tool on both Android phones and PC, Initiate it just when you associate your Android phone having a black/broken screen to your PC.

2.     As the Android phone has a black/broken screen you can’t manually initiate the process of USB debugging.  Hence you need to boot your gadget through Recovery mode of ClockworkMod that is by Pressing the Power button, Home, Volume Up/Down all together.

3.     After entering into Recovery mode of ClockworkMod, launch tool ADB in and go to the command prompt in PC and type: “ADB devices.” Set up the connection between Android phone and PC by data connection links.

4.     Next step is to backup Android phone data by giving the command through command prompt:

 “ADB pull/data/media/ClockworkMod/backup/Desktop/Android up.”

The given command will back up the data from the phone to your PC.

·       Debugging Software

One can enable USB Debugging on an Android phone with a black/broken screen with the help of debugging software as follows:

1.     Download the debugging software named Android data recovery on PC and link the Android phone to PC

2.     Launch the software and click on “Android data extraction” on the sidebar.

3.     Select the reason for broken/black screen of Android phone with other associated details and continue

4.     When the connection is set up and debugging starts click on the download option and follow the instructions.

5.     After you’re finished with the above advances, the software will scan through your Android phone. And will restore the data on PC.

For more information visit here.

Using the above-mentioned methods you will be able to enable USB debugging of an Android phone with a black/broken screen.

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