how to keep phone safe in rain

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Always follow these 10 does and don’ts.

Today , I am going to show you how to keep phone safe in rain? here are some tips and Tricks, I hope you will like my Article.

The monsoon has arrived already. Who doesn’t want to get wet in this enticing monsoon drizzle? Just drops and drops falling down from the sky, a great relief from this hot summer blaze. Just set your feet out and start to dance between these tiny million raindrops. Hey but wait! What about your Android phone? You all have 4G mobile phones in your pockets, right? Many of you are habitual of walking while using your phones, being online most of the time. Suppose you just took your mobiles out and it starts to downpour very heavily. What would you do, how would you save your mobile phones from water? No doubt, certainly you’ll have to worry once it gets soaked in water. So here in this article, we are providing you a few precautions and don’t follow when your phone gets wet.

how to keep phone safe in rain

Not necessarily from the water itself, your phone gets drenched due to falling down in several wet and sticky things too, like in drainage, toilets, and even in the oceans. Though chances are lying everywhere along with the risks, here are the few Don’ts to follow when your phone gets that unlucky chance:

  • Never ever try to charge your phone! When your phone gets soaked, it’s delicate inside electronics have the maximum possibilities of getting damaged. Once electricity starts to flow throughout your wet phone system, the inside water makes it more dangerous and hence you lose your phone’s inner circuit. Try to take that moisture out safely.

  • Never ever put your phone in any sort of heating equipment or in an oven. Yes! Never do it. Though it seems necessary to dry it out sometimes any activity due to ignorance can make conditions even worse. The best can damage the inner elements including delicate chips. Moreover, after can even end up draining towards the other delicate ports and ruining everything. So do not try these stupid acts.

keep phone safe in rain
keep phone safe in rain

  • Never use a blow dryer: As stated above a blow dryer can accidentally drain the water into other ports or openings and even chances are there that the water can get trapped inside the cracks or ports. So never use a blow dryer.

  • Never dry it directly when the soaked parts contain other dirt elements. In the cases where your phone is wretched due to falling directly into any sewage line, or toilet or oceans, always make sure to clean out the salts before drying it. You can use water to clean your phone. Yes, though sounds weird but the chemicals and salt present in the seawater or sewage can ruin your device elements more than the water. So, quickly, provide a single splash of water inside the parts (not too much, just enough to push the dirt out) and then instantly dry it.

  • Never try to switch on or use your phone instantly. Though your phone may seem to work well even after getting wet but make sure first to completely dry out its parts completely. Switch of the phone first to avoid any inner circuit breakage. Then follow all the safety measures. Give it a bit of time for gaining its strength again.

  • Never put your phone in any cold places! It can freeze the inner moisture and it would get tough to remove that moisture. Moreover, cold water causes more damage. So never play with any sort of temperature trick.

how to keep phone safe in rain:

  • Oil soaked phone treatments are different. Never mix them up with normal ones.
  • If your phone gets soaked in oil, use temperature tricks here. At cold temperatures, the cooking oil, as well as coconut oil, solidified. Use this opportunity to wipe out the oil. Use cotton swabs for the removal of oil as cotton is an excellent absorber. You can place your phones in a slant position at warm places to push out that extra inside oil.

  • Never use alcohol-based chemicals for interior parts. You can use alcohol-based napkins for exterior wiping but never use them for interior parts.

  • Rice can’t always. Though it has been all-time advice to put your phone directly into rice containers sometimes it can worsen the condition. Rice contains small tiny dust and dirt particles that can stick inside your phone. Moreover, even after 24 hours of rice treatment, only 13% of moisture gets removed. So rice can’t become your Heath kit every time.

keep phone safe in rain
keep phone safe in rain

Never take your phone out without any protection covered in the rain.

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Necessary precautions and Safety Measures for your Mobile Phones

We all have heard, prevention is better than a cure. So the same thing applies when it comes to the health of your mobile phone. And in the case of an iPhone, these precautions become a necessity. So before a sum up, let’s pay a quick peek to the following safety measures:

· Always carry a plastic rainproof cover for your phones. Water can ruin your device as well as the camera too even if a single raindrop falls over it. So it is better to keep safety kits with you.

· When going for purchasing new phones, always try to make the best phone deals by purchasing a waterproof mobile phone. Though expensive it can prove to be a better measure for longer terms.

· In case the phone gets soaked, use silica pouches to drain off the unnecessary moisture with the help of a clean cotton towel. Lay pouches over a towel, and then wrap your phone with it.

These days, dry boxes are getting more popular in driving off the moisture. They use the heating system at a comparatively lower temperature under vacuum conditions, so that the phone gets free from the inside trapped moisture.

For more information on how to keep phone safe in rain click here.


In the end, we would only say a no to keep being indulged in phones unnecessarily. Most of the time, mishaps occur when we are not too careful. Smartphones have reduced our common sense use as well as lowered the presence of mind. Hence while using any device, keep the necessary safety and safety kits along with you.

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