recover snapchat messages in Snapchat

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A detailed guide to get those dumped messages again

Snapchat has evolved to become one of the popular and favourite video -sharing apps in daily life. It allows you to take photographs, add texts, record out the videos along with sharing them with your friends. Though you can share your favourite media in the chats yet it is only available for a short period of time to be viewed. Therefore, it becomes a serious issue of concern to recover your deleted messages again over the Snapchat app.

Snapchat has recently introduced new updates and features in the app that not only are convenient enough to use but also have a feature to help retrieve the dump data. Though the videos are erased permanently yet it becomes possible to retrieve them again with a few easy and basic steps.

Recover Snapchat messages
Recover Snapchat messages

Recovering the Deleted Messages:

Though the items get easily vanished in the texts after ten seconds without leaving any trace behind, yet you can recover them easily with the help of few easy and interesting steps. Recently, the app has designed some features and updates including Discover messages for its users. Though the data gets erased yet it is never deleted from your android’s memory. Hence with the help of below-stated methods, you can retrieve the data again:

Method 1:recover snapchat messages on Snapchat

After you delete the Snapchat messages, yet they are saved on your Android system’s memory with an extension file named .nomedia. It means that all other apps would disregard it and would consider it as a deleted file. Hence it is pretty simpler to reach these extensions again.

Step:1 Reach File Manager

  • For recovering that removed Snapchat message file, you need to rename those extensions so that those no media extensions can be removed.
  • Download the File Manager APK from any app download store, that is either Google play or the Internet
  • For an Apple, it is necessary to Jailbreak your system and find a suitable file manager app for your phone. Some best file manager apps are Astro File Managers, OI File Managers, File Expert, etc.

Step 2: Rename

  • Select the messages and rename them
  • The renaming process should let other thumbnails to open and view your file content
  • Dig it up to find the data and recover quickly.

Method 2: The Dumpster App

It’s a Google play store application that works like an android recycle bin, giving you the ability and access to recover that deleted content from your Android. It includes images, videos, audio, pdf, zip, MP3, MP4, ppt, doc, Avi, mpg, jpg, rar, etc. Even an internet connection is not required while recovering your data neither is any need to root up your device. Therefore, this application is the best one for your phone. Just follow up a few single steps to retrieve the data :

  • Install the Dumpster App on your phone
  • Open Snapchat photos/videos
  • Now go to the dumpster after video and photographs get deleted
  • Now turn ON the app in order to find out all those deleted videos and photographs of Snapchat on dumpster

Disclaimer: this method only works when you don’t have opened those texts and messages before.

Recover Snapchat messages
Recover Snapchat messages

recover snapchat messages on iOS

To recover your data in an Apple product like an iOS or an iPad, you can use the FoneLab feature, iPhone data recovery. But for using that tool, it is mandatory to install it first over your pc system. It can help you in recovering and restoring the deleted data from your system.

  • Download and install the app over either Windows PC or a Mac.
  • Connect the device to the computer through a USB cable.
  • On entering the iOS device recovery mode, press the Start scan button that appears on your screen
  • After completing the scan, select the data from the selection menu, which you want to recover.
  • 1)Select Snapchat messages.
  • 2)and Select the deleted messages and click recover button
  • 3)Select the destination folder to retrieve all deleted items.

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Recovering Snapchat Messages

Recovering Snapchat Messages
Recovering Snapchat Messages

The application, FoneLab acts as a data recovery tool for both iOS as well as Android Devices. It can be easily used to recover all those deleted items on Snapchat from Android devices:

  • Download and install the recovery tool either on your Windows or Mac.
  • Now go to the phone settings and enable USB debugging mode on Android.
  • Use the USB cable and connect both devices, that is, desktop/laptop as well as Android.
  • FoneLab will now detect the device.
  • Click on Android Data Recovery and select the Contacts and Manager tab.
  • The rooting will start in the device as soon as you select that option.
  • Deleted messages will start appearing
  • Select the required texts and click over the recover button on the screen
  • Henceforth, your deleted messages will get recovered.

Fore more information Visit here.


These simple methods not only help you to recover data but also helps in story g them for a longer basis. With the help of proper steps, you can recollect your dumped data including photos as well as video messages on Snapchat application. Now enjoy snapping and texting without any fear of Lois Ng your media.

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