How to take screenshot in FF14

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FF14 or Final Fantasy 14 is Massively Multiplayer Online Game which is an Integration of the feel of the components of sci-fi and components of the Final Fantasy previous series. There are multiple methods for how to take a screenshot in FF14. The screenshot taken saves to the FF14 Screenshot folder at the FF14 Screenshots location.

How to take a screenshot in FF14 in PC windows

Want to know how to take the screenshot at PC you need to enter the command of Print Screen as “prt scr” or press the print screen key.

The screenshot automatically saves to the FF14 Screenshot folder at the FF14 Screenshot location that is C:>Users> Documents> My Games> ff14> Screenshots. Note: The screenshot can’t be taken in the dialogue conversation from the quest and in the cutscenes.

Method 2 that is been used when the print screen is not working, try with pressing the ctrl button or alt button and press “prt scr”.

Followed by this go to paint, paste it there, and save the screenshot. The screenshot will be saved in the FF14 Screenshot location at the correct FF14 Screenshot folder.

take screenshot in ff14
take screenshot in ff14

Hold the scroll lock to make sure that the HUD is disappeared on the screen. Whenever you’d prefer to hide the HUD or turn off the UI button under any circumstances, you can simply utilize Scroll Lock.

In some PC’s it expects you to press the Function key that is fn key to get to Scroll Lock. The Function keys are there below the alphabet keys.

How to take a screenshot in FF14 in PS4

Generally taking a Screenshot or a screen capture is simple in the PS4 Gaming Regulator. Just simply click on the share button and then save the taken screenshot. Well there’s somewhat more to take a screenshot in FF14game.

Make sure that the HUD is been disappeared (not needed with the goose) by pressing the L1 along with the touchpad button simultaneously.

The touchpad button in PS4 is similar to the select button that in FF11 on PS3.

Doing so the HUD will be removed allowing taking a good screenshot of the view and your game player without the HUD being appeared.

Yet in addition, there is a reasonable warning in doing this.

When you press the L1 while the gaming character is running will place your gaming character into an autorun situation, the best approach to eliminate this is that you need to press the L1 once again while your character is still running.

Note: In case your gaming character isn’t moving it means that the autorun will not activate after pressing the L1. The screenshot gets saved in the FF14 Screenshot folder at the FF14 Screenshot location.

FFxiv screenshot location
FFxiv screenshot location

Looking for how to take a screenshot in FF14

A method that works equally well, effective, and easy on both PS4 and PC is with the help of the /goose camera facility that is been developed by patch 3.5.

It is found to be effective to take screenshots of large images or a nice full body portrait version of the character.

Goose also helps in editing the screenshots saved at the FF14 Screenshot folder also it enables to hide the HUD.

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Type the command of the goose to hide the HUD. To activate the goose setting you need to press the R key on the PC while pressing the X button of the PlayStation controller

The/goose menu is made out of three distinctive sub-menus:


Access the camera control menu by the button.

take screenshot in ff14
take screenshot in ff14

1)· The camera tilt/zoom function the zoom here is independent of the zoom from the mouse wheel one.

2)· Different shade filters can change the feel of the camera focal point including special effects.

3)· “Overlay” of sorts to the shot that is been given by the screen effects are similar to the special art based filters that are present in Photoshop.

4)· DoF also known as depth of the field controls the “center” of the camera, you can also blur the background.

5)· Appendage Darkening known as “Vignette” will obscure the fringe of the screen to make sure that is focus is on the subject.


One can access the effect controls through the menu button.

1)· “Status effect” status will apply to the color-based animations to the character of a person while the button beneath will engage or remove the status to all the characters including yours.

2)· Borders can be executed by frames to the screenshot as similar to the mobile phone applications.

3)· The “Select Action” is been set as the default and is required to execute the animation and other edits in the goose.

For more information Visit here.


Lighting of your character and the general condition is been controlled by the lighting control.

1)· Open the lighting menu

2)· The “eyeball” will confront your character toward the camera this is done in keyword by pressing the space bar while in gamepad by a triangle.

It will turn the body and head as per the animation.

3)· X in keyboard and R1 on the gamepad is lightning on/ off toggle for the “Light 1”.

4)· 1 and 2 in keyboard and L2 and R2 in gamepad freezes your character. Quickly pressing 1 followed by 22 is a decent method to advance

animation to get the perfect posture frame by frame for a single shot.

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