How to manually update Google play services

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What exactly does Google play service mean…??

Google play service is a core system software that works in the background. Today I am going to show you How to manually update Google play services.

It consumes little space on your mobile phone, and it uses only a small part of battery capacity. We can’t force stop or uninstall Google play services like other applications because, without this, many applications in your mobile will stop working.

Sometimes we may receive a notification that “Google play services have stopped working” because they face some issues in an update or sometimes overload may crash Google play services.

In this article, we will discuss how to update Google play services. Various methods for updating Google play services are listed below.

How to update Google play services from the play store…????

update google play services manually
update google play services manually

Usually, Google Play store updates automatically without any manual operation because it is the key to the functioning of applications on your mobile phone. Sometimes it may fail to update, and in order to update manually, you have to follow the steps given below.

Google play services will be in a hidden mode. You can first enter into the play store and click the top left corner. In that you can see the settings options, you can click that key and they choose the update option. From there, you can update Google play services. If this method did not work, then you can prefer using the second method.

Uninstalling updates

You can keep this method as a second option. Removing entire Google play services is not possible; you can only uninstall updates. If you uninstall Google play services, all the applications present in your phone will return to its factory version.

You have to enter settings and then click on the (App/application) manager, and then you have to click installed apps. In that menu, you will be viewing the list of applications that you have on your mobile phone.

By clicking Google play services, you will see three dots in the top right corner by clicking that you can see an option to uninstall updates. After clicking uninstalls updates, Google play services updates automatically.

Restarting your mobile phone after completing this process makes your mobile updated to Google play services.

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Disable Google play services

update google play services manually
update google play services manually

You can force your mobile phone to achieve an updated Google play service by making it disable from your mobile. You have to follow the steps mentioned above to reach the place, and then instead of clicking uninstall, you must have an option named disable you can click that if the button is visible.

If the key is filled with grey light, then you have to change your mobile settings. To do this, you have to change your device admin permissions.

● 1)Click security and location
● 2)List of options will be available in that you have to click Device admin apps
● 3)You have to switch off the toggle button, which is located in find my device option.
●4) After completing this process successfully, you can try disabling Google play services in the play store, and if it is not possible, wait for 5minutes and repeat the same procedure. You have to enable Google play services after clicking the disable button.
● 5)By restarting your mobile phone, Google play services updates automatically.

Download and install APK file

update google play services manually
update google play services manually

If all the methods mentioned above fail to Update Google play services on your mobile, you can follow the manual method of installing the app from the store or through the APK file.

● Google Play services APK file should be downloaded from a trusted place.
● List of all the versions will be available in which you have to click the latest version, they even have some beta versions, but they must be avoided. If you know the processor of your device, you can click that version.
● If you are not clear about the processor, you can use the Droid hardware info app. After installing, click the system tab and view under Instructions sets. Note down the code which is available under the APK mirror website under Arch.

● You can try downloading the APK file; if it is not compatible to your mobile phone, you can choose a different APK file. More information will be available about the version, scroll down, and click-download button to start downloading.
● You have to install this application after the download is completed. After installing, you will be asked to permit third-party apps by permitting them, and you can successfully install Google Play services.

For more information Visit here.

How to update Google play services on your Smart TV…???

● You have to install the play services app on your TV. After this, you can verify your software version. If it’s an old version and the download option is not visible, you have to log in using your credentials on TV and in your Laptop.
● You can see the install option for Google play services on the website. If you click these options, it will show you the list of devices in which your account is signed in.
● By clicking install in smart TV option, the latest version will start installing on your Android TV. After the download is completed, you can click the install button to have the latest version of Google play services on your Smart TV.

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