Top 10 what’sapp font tricks that you should know

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today I am going to show you Top 10 what’sapp font tricks.For the past ten years, social media and other messaging apps play a vital role in the communication platform. Almost all people use social media for communication purposes, especially what’s app because they found it easy to use and get in touch with their loved ones.

Whatsapp was Developed in the year 2009 and introduced in the motive of sharing text and images quickly, but soon they added many other features in it. What’s app may support video and voice calls, but texting is the main feature utilized by most people in what’s app.

Industries and IT companies share their work-related updates through what’s app groups and personal messages, and hence typing in a professional format is mandatory. For various uses, they have different font styles’. What’s app supports many forms of texts in which people can choose their preferred method. In this article, we have listed some tips and tricks to customize what’s app font size and style.

How to make your text bold..??

Fonts for whatsapp
Fonts for whatsapp

Whatsapp itself has some built-in features that will let you make your text bold when required. By adding the asterisk symbol (*) before and after the word will make it highlighted. For instance, if you want to highlight the text smarter in the sentence “Ram is smarter than Ramesh,” then you have to add asterisk symbol like this*smarter*, the final version will be like this smarter.

Making text italic ( what’sapp font tricks )

Change fonts in whatsapp
Change fonts in whatsapp

You can follow the same procedures to achieve italic in a word or a sentence while adding symbol you have to insert underscore (_) instead of (*) by following this procedure, you can make your text italic. You can add underscore for emphasizing a critical word. Italic comes under what’s app font.

Strikethrough message

WhatsApp fonts
WhatsApp fonts

Sometimes you will be in a situation to indicate the correction through signs in such cases strikethrough message works. By implementing this word will be stricken from the sentence. For instance, if you want to strike a word from a sentence, you have to add a tilde symbol (~) on both sides of the word. (~instagram~)By doing this, the word will be stricken but visible for the receiver. These fonts for what’s app are available by default.

Changing what’s app font style

What's app new fonts
What’s app new fonts

Other than standard fonts, what’s app fonts has some customizations too. What’s also supports Monospace font. There is no centralized control for changing the font entirely. You have to implement it when needed. To change the font in a particular place, you have to add three (”’) backticks in the front and back of the word that needs font change, followed by a question mark. example-”’Instagram? ”’

Changing what’s app format using options.

We have seen some shortcut key’s to change fonts in what’s app. Besidesadding symbols, you can also complete the whole text and select the word which needs font change. After choosing the term, you will view some of the font options, and you can choose the preferred font style for making your text more attractive. You will be getting all the options that are selected.

Combine formatting options ( what’sapp font tricks )

Fonts in whatsapp
Fonts in whatsapp

What’s app has some unique options to enhance the user’s experience? You can combine different formatting to the same word or even a sentence, which means you can make a single word bold, italic, and even monospace. By adding three symbols at the same time, we can achieve this format. The only thing which you have to take care of is the order. The logo entered first should be closed last. Example – *~_ Instagram_~*, You can use this by selecting the options alternatively. First, you have to choose the bold font, and then you can add other options for making that word filled with all the fonts.

Changing default font size( what’sapp font tricks )

whatsapp fonts trick
whatsapp fonts trick

Are you facing any issues with the default font size, which is offered by what’s app.?? No problems; you can change it manually from the options provided in what’s app. Developers have made it easy for the users. You have to select three doted icons in the top right corner of whatsapp, and then you have to click the select button. The page will appear, and you can click the chats option. You will be having a list of five options in that you can click font size. There you will have three options small, medium, and large, and you can choose the proffered option.

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How to send colorful messages..??

This feature is not available in what’s app officially. So what you have to do is you can download a third-party app called blue words. After downloading the app, you can enter the text in that text box and change it into blue color by selecting it from the list of options. Your text will appear in blue after that. You can copy that text to what’s app.

Stylish font

Even this font is not supported by what’s app. It supports only monospace. By downloading the application mentioned above, you can use various styles. You have to copy the text and paste it in the what’s app. From this, you can add some fonts to what’s app. Whatsapp allows you to change the text in your status, but you cannot change anything in normal what’s app texts.

Convey your message’s using emojis!!

Are you a big fan of emoji?? You can easily convey your messages through emoji by following the below-mentioned steps. You have to download a separate app named “Emoji letter maker.” You have to add this application manually to your what’s app account.

The bottom Line ( what’sapp font tricks )

whatsapp fonts trick
whatsapp fonts trick

We have discussed many tips and tricks to add new styles to your what’s app text. Now the decision is yours. You can use these options for lots of customization and designs. Third-party applications are not advisable to download in your android device, but some people will need those applications to deliver different kinds of styles.


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